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Daily Puja Box

A pooja box containing all the essentials ingredients required for daily pooja.

Puja Samagri

Complete pooja box containing every ingredient to do the pooja on every occasion.

Spiritual Books

A complete range of books for every spiritual event and person interested in.

Daily Meals

Daily Meals box contains the food items required for one person to quench his hunger.

Organic Product

Visit our organic shop for all the essential and non-essential products.


We have all the fruits available with us depending upon the seasonal availability.

Pitha Panna

A sweet Aand numkeen dishs prepared for any occasion with different flavours and taste


Flowers are essential for every occasion and daily pooja needs.

Bramhin Bhojan

Brahmin Bhojan is essential on every occasion. We are specialized in Brahmin Bhojan arrangements.